Day 16: June 29, 2003
The NCM At Last



After a three day stop in Nashville (5329.2 miles) I finally made it to the actual caravan target, the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green. Apparently, not riding on an Arizona tilt bed, as I did in 1999, added a few miles over the 5035 rolled up on that trip.

As expected, there were plenty of Corvettes and plenty of vendors of Corvette goodies.

Ray Ehly & I managed to get our cars together and my red roadster caught a little reflected glory from the All50 Z06. A magazine interviewer had expressed some surprise that Ray would be driving the car home after his journey has made it a unique vehicle. But, rather than tucking the car away, Ray will continue to use the car for its intended purpose - driving.

I also ran into semi-neighbor (Hamilton, OH) Randall Shinn hard at work in the registration area. I believe that the last time Randall & I met he was behind the information desk inside the NCM. There are some neighbors that you just seem to see more often in Bowling Green.

The end of day event was named "Hot Dog, Apple Pie, & Corvettes" but the start of the event concentrated a lot more on fund raising, a necessary evil for a place like the NCM, than on hot dogs. Each of the caravan captains passed on donations from their caravans and that included the $700 from then SoCalCar banner (I finally learned the amount and the purchasers - Wallace & Marilyn Hicks.) and Captain James from the Australian "Caravan" auctioned off his shirt for $3000!!. Banker Bob Patrella was matching all contributions for the day and quite a few folks lined up to give him something to match.

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