Day 29: August 24, 2014
All 4-Lane from Here

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Just across the recently repaired and reopened Devil's Elbow Bridge is the not yet opened for the day world famous Elbow Inn. Then shaded two-lane leads to Hooker Cut and a rare stretch of divided four-lane with molded in half-curbs that was once US-66.

Maybe someone actually once kept things trimmed around here or maybe it's just that there are less visiting feet stomping on the foliage but, whatever the reason, John's Modern Cabins are becoming overgrown in addition to slowly collapsing.

I stopped at this half-scale partial Stonehenge recreation in Rolla, Missouri, in 2003. I stopped again today simply because it seemed the right thing to do after stopping at the recreation in Texas earlier in the trip.

I moved onto I-44 at Rolla, Missouri and I'd already decided that I would be taking a more or less direct expressway based path home from Saint Louis. But I had one more Route 66 related stop on the agenda. At Kirkwood, I exited onto Watson Road (a.k.a. Old Route 66) and stayed with it until it changed into Chippewa and led me to Ted Drewes Frozen Custard.

With a coconut concrete under (mostly) my belt, I picked up I-44 at the nearest entrance with the idea that it would be all expressway from here on. However, traffic backup at the I-55 bridge prompted me to slip off to a surface street and cross the Mississippi on the 1874 Eads Bridge then rejoin I-55 in Illinois. From there, it really was all expressway to Cincinnati with an uneventful overnight in Effingham, Illinois.

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