Day 26: August 21, 2014
1 Blade, 2 Pics. 1 Shirt, 3 Pics.

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I stopped just one more place in Texas and it's a beauty. The restored Conoco Tower and U Drop Inn in Shamrock is one of the best looking most recognized Route 66 attractions in existence. My only regret is that I couldn't be here at night this time.

Erick, Oklahoma, has one of the most musically significant intersections anywhere. Both Roger Miller and Sheb Wolley were born here and each has a street bearing their name. It's unfortunate, for photo purposes, that no post has both names together but the full size version of this photo tries to give the intersection of Sheb Wolley Street and Roger Miller Boulevard a visual shout out.

After the 2007 Route 66 Festival in Clinton, Oklahoma, I stopped by this same park in Weatherford and took a similar picture. Since then, I've been telling people that you can walk inside those blades they see in the air and on the highway. But I was standing beside the blade in the earlier picture and, when I started to pass the park today, I realized that it was time to step in or shut up. That explains the photo. There is also a story about the shirt.

Back in 2011, on my first actual meeting with Jim Grey, I was wearing this shirt. I remember this because Jim also had a striped shirt on that day and, when I posted the picture of us we had someone take, I mad a typically bad joke about guys and striped shirts. On the current trip, as I was sorting out plans for my San Diego to Kingman transit, I took a look at my own website to see what motel I had stayed at in 2012. It was the Saga. I had enjoyed a Scott Piotrowski tour that year and there was a picture of Scott and me on the page where I found the motel name and, yes, I was wearing the same brown striped shirt (and either grimacing or sleeping). That brought forward the memory of the Jim Grey photo and, painfully aware that the shirt was in my bag and the Scott was attending the festival, I carefully avoided wearing it whenever I thought I might be within a hundred miles of Scott.

Today I ran out of all my buffer time for a laundry visit. I had no clean socks, one clean pair of underwear, and two clean shirts. I frequently go without socks so that wasn't an issue. I donned the last clean undies and, confident that no one would be around to take my picture today, my most photographed shirt. But I tripped myself up by taking my own picture and the shirt jumped out at me as soon as I looked at the photos at the ed of the day. So, if you ever find yourself wondering who the guy in a brown striped shirt is, it's probably me. And yes, I did do laundry and got the oil changed, too.

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