Day 25: August 20, 2014
Some Texas Panhandle

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Glen Rio's deterioration must be continuing but it must be getting harder to tell. The ghost town appears to me to be pretty much like it was when I first saw it. I think I'd like to hear the stories of drives that white Pontiac has been part of before it was parked here though it's possible that the ones I've imagined are better.

In Adrian, I first popped into Sunflower Station to say hi to Fran Houser but Fran was off to Amarillo on an errand. She obviously did not take her truck and it seems safe to assume that it's never driven at all these days since the windshield has now been given over to signatures in addition to the body. So I headed next door to the Midpoint Cafe to meet relatively new owners Dennis and (ever so briefly) Donna Purschwitz and have a piece of apple pie.

I snapped the picture of people snapping a picture as I was leaving. I'm not sure whether they were celebrating making it halfway along Route 66 or halfway across the road but they seemed pretty happy in either case.

This is a Texas expressway/frontage road interchange. They are no doubt economical in terms of construction costs and land use. They also work quite well in getting people on and off the expressway where the demand is fairly low. After an absence of any length, it always takes seeing one or two before I can get my head around the concept again even though it is really rather simple. A straight expressway exit lane connects to a point on the frontage road where a straight expressway entrance lane departs. It's sort of like a huge 'K' pressed up against the expressway. The basic rule for cars on the frontage road is "yield". In the picture, vehicles exiting the expressway would cross right to left in front of my car and cars entering the expressway would cross left to right. For cars going the opposite direction on the frontage road, exiting vehicles move from over their left shoulder to directly in front of them. It all works rather well. Really.

I'm not much of an art connoisseur and even less of a collector but I still like stopping by Bob "Crocodile" Lile's gallery in Amarillo. It's a good place to chat and there is plenty of interesting things to look at. It's right on Route 66 and, although I didn't get there on this trip, just up the street (2719 SW 6th) from one of my favorites, the Golden Light Cafe.

I don't know when this bit of roadside art first appeared a few miles east of Amarillo. I could see a "Give Peace a Chance" message but there may be more to it than that.

The Bug Ranch in Conway, Texas, isn't exactly on Route 66 but it's close.

The Cactus Inn in McLean, Texas, is still a great place to stay despite having slipped a bit since I first stayed here in 2003. At that time, the owners, who had been the ones to resurrect the closed motel, lived there. They eventually sold the motel but, for some time after the sale, a manager lived on site. Today, neither owner nor manager lives on site though the rooms are still well maintained and clean. Here's mine.

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