Day 24: August 19, 2014
From Santa Fe to Tucumcari

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I had parked near the New Mexico State Museum last night and, while walking between the car and the Plaza, noticed that the museum offered walking tours each day at 10:15. That sounded like a pretty good way to learn something about the town so I checked out of the motel and headed downtown at the appropriate time. I am woefully ignorant of the history of the western states where Spain and/or Mexico is involved. That sadly remained true even after the tour because I retained so very little of what was told. My theory is that it is because I cannot relate it to events in the English colonies that were the initial United States but it's only a theory.

The photos are of the portico beside the Palace of the Governors where natives are licensed to sell crafts, a building identified as from the "territorial period" by the brick capped adobe walls, and the arrival point for scientists participating in the Manhattan Project at nearby Los Alamos.

Following the tour I took in the New Mexico History Museum. The main entrance is through a large modern building which contains theaters and galleries but most of the permanent exhibits are in the adjacent Palace of the Governors where exposed portions of the old building were at least as interesting as the displayed artifacts

The drive south to I-40 was beautiful but uneventful. New Mexico posts "score cards", like this one for Tucumcari, for many cities. Seems useful.

One of those 34 Tucumcari motels was my destination for the day. I have heard good things about the Motel Safari so this time, rather than heading for the Blue Swallow, where I've enjoyed a couple of stays in the past, I pulled into the motel across the street. Everything I'd heard was true. I might be just a little below the Swallow in coolness ranking but only a little and it's a great alternative in terms of comfort, friendliness, and price.

ADDENDUM: Nov 20, 2014 - I almost always include inside views of my rooms at independent motels so I was rather surprised not to find one for the Safari when I visited this page to refresh my memory on something unrelated. Turns out I had created the composite image but had failed to mention it or include a link. My room at the Safari can be seen here.

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