Day 19: August 14, 2014
The Festival is Open

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Thursday was essentially a free day for me so I decided to visit a nearby community that I've been hearing about for a long tome. I guess I'd never really looked into going there because I was surprised to learn just how close Chloride, Arizona, is to Kingman. Less than twenty miles of US-93 plus less than four miles of CR-125 got mt to the Chloride entrance fence. There's a bicentennial time capsule just beyond the cattle guard at the edge of town.

Digger Dave's has a prominent location at a major intersection. It was my first stop. Dave and Dori started their third year in business at the end of July. The anniversaries are officially recorded overhead on the porch. Dave really is a digger and does backhoe work in exchange for historic decorations as well as cash. Among the exterior decorations are some lead barrels used to transport and store gasoline. Not long ago I saw a couple of these at Orr's ranch along the Lincoln Highway in Utah. I was pretty impressed with one there dated 1913 but Dave wowed me with one eleven years older.

Chloride is no one bar town. The other bar and restaurant, Yesterday's, is just down the street. I did not eat at either establishment but saw others doing so with smiles. Yesterday's also has motel rooms available. There is neither TV nor AC but this could be a fun place to stay in the right season. This isn't it.

A walk around town took me to Shady Lady's Antiques but I didn't enter her operation or any of the other antique/crafts stores in town. Shady Lady created that city boundary fence in the first panel. I was more into the old buildings and made it to the old jail, railroad depot, The Old Red House (supposedly the oldest in Chloride), and the Central Bank.

Back in Kingman, I headed toward downtown which took me through Locomotive Park. Edward Beale, who got mentioned on this trip several days ago, is a big name in these parts. He is honored by this monument and plaque. Some other folks are to be honored today by bricks in a walk of fame along Andy Devine Avenue. One that had disappeared and been found in a nearby tree was being reinstalled as I walked by.

The first picture is simply of the crowd gathered for the brick dedication. That's Angel Delgadillo at the far left. This is the first time I've seen the retired barber and very active Route 66 savior outside of Seligman. The official opening of the 2014 International Route 66 Festival immediately followed with chief organizer Dora Manley cutting the ribbon. Also in the picture are Jim Hinckley (with the hat), Jerry McClanahan (with the camera), Ron Jones (with beard), and Michael Wallis (with beard and ribbon). I apologize to the two ladies between Michael and Dora for not knowing their names.

ADDENDUM: Aug 22, 2014 - Thanks to Dora Manley, I now know that the lady next to her is Kingman's Mayor, Janet Watson and the lady next to Michael is Arizona state Senator Dr. Kelli Ward. Thanks, Dora, I don't believe I've ever risked offending a mayor and a senator in a single paragraph before.

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