Day 15: August 10, 2014
Family Day

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Today was essentially a family day. A lot of time was spent just talking and catching up but we did make it to Old Town San Diego. I stopped by here in 2011 but about the only thing I remembered was the flag pole. I'm not much of a shopper and Old Town has lots of shops. There are a few places to buy tee-shirts and souvenirs but most of what is offered is unique and the shops have something of a museum quality about them. I like this sort of "shopping" although I didn't buy a thing.

El Campo Santo sure was interesting and totally new to me. The cemetery was used from 1849 through 1897. The wall built in 1933 did not enclose the entire space. This cemetery, like most, did not shrink through attrition. It shrunk through the ever popular "only move the headstones" method and, in 1993, ground penetrating radar revealed graves beneath the street and sidewalk and at least some of them were marked by small disks. I imagine the sign is intentionally imprecise when it talks about "the more than 20 men, women, and children who lie buried beneath San Diego Ave".

I did get a picture of the family although one generation wasn't fully into posing. That's Fletcher the Elder, Fletcher the Younger, Noah, and Kayla. I really like FtY's shirt which reads "Nothing tips like a cow". He says he tells friends that he used to go cow tipping with his grandpa in Ohio. He's just joking, you know. We haven't tipped one cow... yet.

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