Day 10: August 5
A Short Day

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The two-thirds scale replica of Stonehenge used to be about eight miles further west but in 2010 a group of druids levitated the entire structure in the middle of the night and set it down completely intact less than a mile from the Old Spanish Trail. It is now on the grounds of the Hill Country Arts Foundation near Ingram, Texas. I learned about it from Roadside America and you can read their report on it here. I've included that last photo for people who claim I never go anywhere exotic or take enough pictures of myself.

Quite a bit of the Old Spanish Trail and old US-90 in these parts is covered by I-10. It's a pretty fast interstate and doesn't even look too bad in spots.

Maybe it's not as impressive as an elk horn arch spanning a highway but this deer horn tree put Junction, Texas, on the Roadside America map.

I ended my day in Ozona, Texas, which is the seat of Crockett County which is named for this guy. Reportedly the statue was made for the city of Crockett, Texas, but, when they could find no suitable setting, Ozona snapped it up.

I made this a short day so I could do some laundry and catch up on the journal. I stopped in Ozona because I liked the looks of this place and the future didn't look very promising for motels. My room at the Hillcrest Motor Inn is behind the second door.

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