Day 2: July 28, 2014
Some Dixie Highway

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Yes, as a matter of fact, I did have another fine meal at Aretha Frankenstein's before leaving Chattanooga. Be aware, however, that, even though I'm quite fond of Aretha's, I have no intention of going out of my way to provide hints or clues about where it's located.

I picked up the Dixie Highway West Mainline (US-41 at this point) in downtown Chattanooga and followed it through a hole in the mountain.

There are some pretty spots on the road but for quite some distance south of Chattanooga the areas between the pretty bits are fill with strings of fast food joints, used car lots, garages, and other businesses that look as if they might or might not be in business next week.

Things had started looking better by the time I reached Calhoun with its restored and active Gem Theater.

A section of Old US-41 is marked in Adairsville and there is even at least one (That's all I saw.) Dixie Highway sign.

The Dixie Highway skirts downtown Atlanta so getting through the big city wasn't too bad. These street signs are south of Atlanta near the town of Forest Park.

In Hampton, I liked the look of the line of buildings so much that I stopped for photographs. One of those pictures is here but, while individual buildings can be seen more clearly, they don't capture the feel of the line of well kept buildings as well as the one I snapped when I first spotted them so that's the one I've used. Sometimes the relationship of the old road and the even older railroad is quite obvious as it is here between Barnesville and Forsyth.

I left the Dixie Highway Mainline at Macon where the Southern Connector begins and headed toward Jacksonville on it. It is now the DH connector that follows US-41 and someone used that fact for a visual Area 51 pun near Perry.

I know I should have taken this picture before I left home but I didn't think of it until today. So, even though outside my door at the Perry Super 8 is not the most appropriate spot, I took this picture so I could, with apologies to Carl Perkins, share there words:
Well, I'm standing here wondering, will this Mazda hold my clothes
Yeah, I'm standing here wondering, will this Mazda hold my clothes
It ain't got no roof rack, and I got a long way to go

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