Day 1: July 27, 2014
A Waterful Day

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In hind sight, this might not have been the best day to set out on a road trip in a convertible. The thunder, lightening, and pouring rain that filled the early morning had actually passed by the time I left around 10:00 but it was a trick. The next act opened before I reached Kentucky and never really ended until I was deep into Tennessee. At a fueling stop near Lexington, Kentucky, I caught hints of a nasty storm to the northwest. Back on the expressway, I tuned in a local station and almost immediately heard the shrill sound that announces a bulletin. Words that I'd only half heard at the gas station were now clear. 60 MPH winds. Ping pong ball sized hail. As if on cue, the rainfall rate increased tremendously. There was enough water on the road surface that plowing through it in the little Miata sometimes made the whole world disappear. I dropped my speed almost as quickly and never did really feel much hydroplaning although the potential was certainly there. As you might expect, cars pulled to the side here and there. I shared an underpass with a group of north bound bikers. While stopped, I heard an updated bulletin which again indicated that the heart of the storm was several miles behind me. The feeble fringe was more than enough for me.

The rain was gone by Knoxville and by the time I reached Chattanooga things were beautiful, bright, and hot. There aren't a whole lot of dining choices in Chattanooga on a Sunday so I ended up at the semi-familiar Terminal Brewhouse for dinner. It may or may not be new but this was the first time I've noticed that, in addition to a large selection of beer and wine, a variety of water is available.

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