Springfield's Route 66 Festival Locator map

Day 1
over the river

Day 2
cars, cars, cars

Day 3
Ohio bound

September 28, 2003
I started home on the expressway but eventually came to my senses, got back to a two-lane, and stumbled across a one of a kind jail house.

September 27, 2003
Not too warm but not the least bit wet. A good day to roam the streets.

September 26, 2003
The day started and ended in rain with just a little, deeply appreciated, sunlight in between. Highlights were driving across a crooked bridge and eating a breaded hot dog.

Not much of prelude for this one. I had known of the big festival in Illinois for a long time. In fact, since this is the event's second year, I could have made plans months go. But it was only on Wednesday that I started thinking that I might actually be able to attend. My interest had be raised by increasing e-group chatter and work projects seemed sufficiently under control to permit a short absence.

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