Day 6: December 24, 2009
A White Christmas Eve
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I peeked out the door around 7:00 AM and saw wet pavement and a dusting of snow on the car. By 9:00, when I was thinking about hitting the road, this is what it looked like. The TV was out but the internet connection was alive and a quick check told me things were no better where I was headed. is. Staying parked seemed the sensible thing to do. With two beers, a half bottle of scotch, and a half tray of cookies, I was in good shape. When I learned that there was a washer & dryer just two door from my room, things seemed perfect.

The snow stopped a little after noon and the sun even came out. This is what I saw about 3:00 PM. By then, the airport in Oklahoma City had been closed for two hours as the city experienced its worst snow ever. The previous record of 6 inches was more than doubled by today's 14 inches. Lubbock, Texas, my next target, got 5 inches which could also be a record. Wind and cold made being outside pretty miserable. Winds here in Altus were around 35 MPH. Oklahoma City saw gusts as high as 52 MPH.

I ventured out around 4:00. The streets were actually a little worse than I had expected. I drove to the west edge of town then did the same south and north along US-283. I was afraid to enter any side streets or pull into a lot to turn around so I ended up doing "bat turns" in the wide main drags. The local Wal-Mart was open and I bought a couple Pepsis and some snack crackers in the grocery section then picked up dinner at the McDonald's inside the store. The last two pictures are of the light display area I visited last night.

My current plans are to move on to Lubbock on Friday. Weather shouldn't be a factor but road conditions could be.

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