Day 5: January 24, 2016
All Done

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Should you ever find the need to burn off an hour of time waiting for the Loveless Cafe to open, a drive to the town of Dickson will do it. The Broadway of America mural is still intact and the building it is on is still or again empty.

While the main roads and streets were in decent shape today, side streets and secondary roads still had some pretty rough stretches. Quite a bit of TN-100 fit that rough description.

There were cars in the Loveless Cafe parking lots today. In fact, fifteen minutes after the announced opening time there was a fifteen minute wait. But the wait was soon over and the much anticipated biscuits quickly appeared. My order was hardly exotic but the sausage & eggs were delicious. I peeked into the source of those biscuits on the way out.

This is the bridge that looked white yesterday. Since I'm driving the other direction today, I grabbed an over the shoulder shot as I passed through in case anyone thought it might be two-toned.

I've taken similar pictures in the past as I've passed by the honky tonks on Nashville's Broadway. I thought of stopping and even paused briefly in a parking lot but in the end decided to forego bar-hopping in the slush.

Expressway ramps weren't entirely clear leaving Nashville but the things looked pretty good once I reached I-65. There is evidence that it wasn't so good not long ago in the tractor-trailer lying on its side as if it just got tired and stopped for a nap. For the first time in a long time, I drove directly home from Nashville.

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