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Day 1
Town of Summer Place

Day 2
Land of Wooden Bridges

Day 3
One More Bridge

October 24, 2005
I stayed with US-50 back to Ohio and the sky was grey for the whole distance. On the way, I made a short side trip to visit yet another covered bridge.

October 23, 2005
I saw a few covered bridges and a bunch of people. This is the last day of the festival but there are still a whole lot of visitors in Parke County.

October 22, 2005
A 'burger with fries and fun at "A Summer Place" and a pair of big 'uns in Kokomo. Ended the day near Crawfordsville in easy range of those Parke County bridges.

On Wednesday, I got a message from Pat Bremer in Indianapolis asking me if I was interested in joining his Impala SS club in a visit to "A Summer Place". "A Summer Place" is a bit of pure nostalgia near Sharpsville, Indiana, which, in 2003, was the setting for Pat and Jennifer's wedding. Of course I was interested but had other commitments. I answered with a thanks and a no. But plans changed and on Friday I changed that to a yes. This morning I headed west hoping to dodge the promised spotty showers.

The Covered Bridge Festival continues in Parke County this weekend and,since I'm halfway there, I'll likely head there from "A Summer Place".

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