Day 2: April 26, 2014
Meeting day

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I spent the night at a secret B & B. OK, it's not exactly a secret but neither is it being actively promoted although it once was. Because of that and because the guest rooms are an integral part of the home, I'm not posting the normal interior shots and other information. I could not, however, resist sharing the morning view from my bedroom window.

The well attended meeting included the Lincoln Highway's favorite Eagle Scout, Bernie Queneau and wife Esther. The couple is moving to a retirement community and downsizing. Toward that end, Esther filled a table with items from her Lincoln Highway memorabilia collection for a "pick your price" flea market. Monies collected were donated to the OLHL. This amounted to $100 at the end of the business meeting and I saw Ester making another hand-off of cash after lunch. The Lincoln Highway Trading Post also had a table of items for sell including copies of my book in front of a "meet the author" which I intended to get a picture of then forgot. A few copies were sold and brought to me for signing. A couple of people also brought previously purchased copies for signing. It's a mild form of celebrity that isn't terribly scary.

The second picture is of the newly elected OLHL officers. Two are continuing in their previous positions, one is continuing in a different role, and one is new. From left to right: Mike Buettner is moving from president to secretary, Mike McNaull is returning as vice president, Scott Little is the new president, and Mike Lester is returning as treasurer.

The business meeting was followed by lunch and lunch was followed by two presentations. The first was from Mike Buettner on named auto trails in Ohio and the second was on local (Arlington, Ohio) history by Tom Kroske. At the end of his presentation, Tom handed out instructions for "A mini-tour along our Eagle Creek" which is what these pictures are from. The directions pointed out various historic site, such as the Mount Moriah Church foundation stones lining the driveway in the first picture, and their were plenty of pretty tree lined road segments. The only planned stop was at "Barn 2 House" where Kent and Lori McMillen have repurposed lots of old farmstead items into a variety of things both decorative and useful.

The mini-tour ended at US-30 which I drove to US-23 then headed south. I noted Coon's Candy as I passed by here a few weeks ago but did not stop. Today I did and even bought a tiny bit of candy which I'm certain will not make it home.

South of Columbus, I moved off of US-23 for a few miles in order to spend the night at two of my favorite chain motels.

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