Day 2: April 25, 2013
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With Fitzy's Diner just a couple of miles from the motel, picking a place for breakfast sure was easy. That's a three "Or So" egg omelet with a ton or so of home fries.

My original plan for this trip involved spending a day getting from Cincinnati to Mansfield. I had less than sixty miles to go when I left Fitzy's. I steered clear of the interstate and headed out of Columbus on OH-3. Before there was an OH-3, there was the 3C Highway and the first two pictures were taken on a stretch of road, just north of Sunbury, signed as Old 3C Highway. The sign at Perfect School is a bit more readable here. Near home, OH-3 and US-22 share pavement and people often refer to the road as "Twenty-Two-Three". In Washington Court House, OH-3 moves from US-22 to US-62. It goes it alone from Columbus to Sunbury where it joins up with US-36. I wonder if the locals think of it as "Thirty-Six-Three".

Even with first class dawdling, I was in Mansfield way too early to check in to the motel. The only thing on the agenda was a visit to the Mansfield Memorial Museum where I anticipated turning the dawdling up a notch. I didn't get the chance, however. Although I'd researched the museum somewhat, I'd failed to notice that it closes in the winter. A sign on the door said it would reopen at Memorial Day. But, even from the outside, the 1888 Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Building that houses the museum is rather interesting. The big plaque at the left of the entrance lists the 101 Richland County residents who died in the 1865 explosion and sinking of the Sultana. The one at the right honors Mansfield native Edward Parker Wood who commanded the USS Petrel at the Battle of Manila Bay during the Spanish American War.

Unable to burn time at the museum, I walked around Mansfield a bit. I've ridden the Richland County Carrousel in the past but today I just watched and took a few pictures. One result is what I'm pretty sure is my first ever posting of a cat picture on the internet.

I've always liked the pair of old neon signs just across the intersection from the carrousel. Today I stepped inside the Coney Island Diner for the first time. Next time I'll get inside the news stand. The pie & coffee tasted great and warmed me up on a rather cool day.

Early in the Ohio Lincoln Highway League meeting, Rosemary Rubin presented an update on the rapidly approaching centennial tour. OLHL President Mike Buettner conducted the meeting and also provided the entertainment. Mike is a surveyor by trade and tonight told of some of the natural features, historic events, and good old politics that give the counties of Ohio their shapes. The surprise finale was Paul Lintern singing a song using a whole bunch of county names. I can't remember it all but do recall that it described a courtship and marriage that was quite pleasant until they "got to Warren and she stood up in Defiance".

As the person traveling the greatest distance to the meeting, I received a really nice GPS unit. I think it's solar powered.

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