Ohio Lincoln Highway League 2011 Meeting Locator map

Day 1
A Short Day

Day 2
Tending to Business

Day 3
All Cells. No Phones

Day 4
The Infinity Room & Beyond

May 2, 2011 (day 4)
I started the day with eggs at a 118 year old back bar and ended it with memories of 54 year old satellite.

May 1, 2011 (day 3)
I visited the one time home of a black sheep relative then drove the Lincoln to Beaverdam before heading south to Lima. In Lima, I finally found the right Kewpee doll.

April 30, 2011 (day 2)
Most of the day was spent at the Ohio Lincoln Highway League annual meeting but it included some entertainment and I did get to see some new-to-me brick road and a museum.

April 29, 2011 (day 1)
I left home around noon which was just the right time to make a factory tour I'd scheduled. Then I caught up with a friend and headed on to my motel.

Prelude - April 27, 2011
I'll be attending my fourth Ohio Lincoln Highway League annual meeting this weekend. I was there in 2005, 2008, and 2010. Two consecutive years will be a first as will be having a rear seat behind me as I drive to and from the meeting. I drove a Corvette to those other meetings but not this time. Not only won't I be driving a Corvette, I don't have one to drive. With the acquisition of the 1963 Valiant, the cars had to fight for space in the garage. It was time to start acting on my plan to replace both the Vibe and the Corvette with a single all purpose vehicle. That has now happened. I vacillated between a MINI Cooper and a Subaru Forester with the Forester winning out in the end. The MINI would clearly have been the most fun but the Forester exemplifies "all purpose vehicle". It's everything that the Vibe and the Corvette -- and the MINI -- weren't. Hopefully it's also a little bit of the things they were. The dark red SUV will be what powers almost every trip for the foreseeable future. Of course the Valiant is there for the 2013 Lincoln Highway drive and it may make a few shorter trips before then but there's no longer much of a choice when I reach for the car keys.

The Suby's first trip is to Ashland, Ohio. The meeting is Saturday and I'll drive up Friday. I'll spend some time in nearby Mansfield on Sunday before following the 1928 Lincoln Highway alignment to Beaver Dam then I'll spend the night in or near Lima. On Monday I'll start south on I-75 but will eventually move to the west to reach my parents' place in Greenville.

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