Day 3: April 27, 2008
Forty-Two to Forty
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Things didn't go quite as I anticipated after leaving Galion. I followed the Lincoln Highway route to Mansfield OK but spotted no motel to my liking on the way. It was not quite 5:00 so I wasn't desperately looking but if something had tugged at me, I'd have been happy to stop. As I headed down US-42, I had vague memories of doing something similar once before. I'm fairly familiar with the area south of Lexington, Ohio, so once I hit there I knew my chances were essentially nil for many miles beyond. Had I been really desperate, I could have probably turned up something along I-71 which I was parallelling just a few miles away. I wasn't and I didn't.

I finally stopped at US-33. Sixty miles or so from Mansfield. Garmin showed a Super 8 but that was no longer the case. Staying at a motel that has been downgraded from a Super 8 is not something a travel agent is likely to recommend but this place gained points by having a BBQ right next door. The pork loin was very good and the beer was very cold. The motel was adequate and cheap.

In the morning, after a few more miles on US-42, I decided to mix in a little National Road with my Lincoln Highway weekend and turned west on US-40. This is all divided four-lane so is not all that exciting. There are a couple of short two-lane remnants that survive by virtue of being bypassed and I eagerly turned on to each of those when I reached them. In hindsight, I probably should have taken a picture of the Red Brick Tavern which I passed in Lafayette shortly after turning on to Forty but I guess I just wasn't in the right mood yet. So my first picture of the day is of the still closed Melody Drive-In. Both the sign and the website say "Closed for the Season" but other Chakeres drive-in theaters are open so I wonder.

I stopped at the Pennsylvania House after following the National Road through downtown Springfield. I was here in 2006 on the day when the museum was reopened and the historical marker was unveiled. I saw the ceremonies for the refurbished museum and was able to tour it but had to leave while the marker was still under wraps. Apparently I wasn't in Springfield at all last year since I believe this is my first time seeing the unmasked marker.

Next it was on to the current US-40 for breakfast at Joe's Grill. I stayed with the theme and ordered a "Pennsylvania House Omelet": smoked sausage & cheese. I also asked for some directions with my meal so I could visit a new place.

That place is the Westcott House. It really isn't new but is newly restored. Frank Lloyd Wright started designing the house in 1904 for Orpha and Burton Westcott who moved in in 1908. The move was from Richmond, Indiana, where their businesses included the Westcott Motor Car Company. The hand built car was known for its durability but was eventually done in by the economies of Detroit assembly lines. Manufacture of the Westcott automobile moved to Springfield in 1916 with production ending in 1925.

Orpha died in 1923 and Burton in 1926. Until rescue was started in 2004, the house lead a rough life that included being divided into seven apartments. It took $5.8 million to bring it back.

I drove by the Madonna of the Trail and waved but got no picture. Instead, you get this relaxing shot from inside George Rogers Clark Park.

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