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Beginning of US-36 near Uhrichsville, OH I ended yesterday saying that I was heading toward Cadiz. That's because I thought that was where US-36 started. It did prior to 1974 but now it starts at Uhrichsville which, by sheer luck, is where I spent the night. Now don't get the idea that I actually remembered where Thirty-Six ended more than thirty years ago. I get my information from Robert Droz just like everybody else. No, I think my goof came about because Cadiz is just a whole lot easier to remember than Uhrichsville. I spent the night in Uhrichsville because I noticed a cluster of motels, including a Best Western, from the road. Then I cleverly checked the Droz data before setting out this morning.

Gnadenhutten, OH Gnadenhutten, OH Gnadenhutten, OH Even though US-36 doesn't go through the town of Gnadenhutten, it's a very short side trip. This is the site where, in 1782, nearly a hundred men, women, and children were massacred by Pennsylvania militiamen. The victims were Christian Delaware Indians. The museum and building were not yet open today but I've been here before so just walking the grounds was enough. Read about the massacre here or here or take a look at my 2002 visit here.

Gnadenhutten, OH Another sign, also in Gnadenhutten, left me with a completely different feeling. I can't help thinking that there must be come pretty good cars down that street if only someone could come up with a way to get them out.

US-36 near Gnadenhutten, OH US-36 near Gnadenhutten, OH The Gnadenhutten exit leads to a ramp that passes over the highway to reach the town. It also passes over a rail line and gives a nice view of a pair of bridges that carry trains and autos over the Tuscarawas River. The two motorcyclists passed each other east of the overpass, away from the bridges.

Unusual Junction, near West Lafayette, OH Unusual Junction, near West Lafayette, OH This is Unusual Junction, Ohio's only combination deli and bridal shop. That combination is unusual and the deli offers an unusual selection of stuff. And having a string of rail cars isn't exactly common. Once the cars were part of the shopping space but they are essentially large uninsulated metal and glass boxes and heating just one could cost as much a $800 a month a few years back. They're all just storage and decoration now.

There is a fifties style diner in the back of the store with pictures on the walls and records hanging from the ceiling. I failed to check out the bridal shop and I know that's something I'll regret.

Mount Vernon, OH Centerburg, OH The big semi in downtown Mount Vernon struck me as unusual so I snapped a picture. Good thing, too, I guess, since it turned out to be the only picture I have of the town. I've passed through here before and remember the tall Civil War monument. I intended to check things out a bit closer today but when I got closer to the square, I could see a fairly large group of people in the square all holding hands and standing in a circle. I took it to be a local church congregation holding some sort of Mother's Day service. I just drove on through and almost immediately starting being peeved with myself for letting them scare my out of the town square.

Picture wise I didn't do any better at Centerburg. I looked around town for a big red 'X' but came up empty. The sign at the edge of town is the best I've got.

Old 3C Highway near Condit, OH Old 3C Highway near Condit, OH I couldn't resist driving this bit of old 3C Highway near Condit. I suspect that it was once US-36, too.

Milford Center, OH This sign was right next to where I gassed up in Milford Center. It's not quite on Thirty-Six but just one notch down a cross street. I turned south in Urbana and headed home so this turned out to be the trip's photo finale. This place isn't all that far from home so maybe I'll get back some time to see if that neon works.

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