Patrick Sweany Homestead Concert - August 5, 2010
Last night I once again got to see Patrick Sweany perform for a small group in an intimate setting. I guess that's a benefit of living along the path that connects Patrick's Nashville and northern Ohio homes. This performance was at the Patterson Homestead in Dayton, Ohio. This was once the home of Colonel Robert Patterson whose grandson, John, founded the National Cash Register Company and led it to the front line of American industry. The Colonel himself was a founder of both Lexington, Kentucky, and Cincinnati, Ohio. It is now a museum. I'd planned on reaching Dayton early enough to check out the museum before its 4:00 closing but that didn't work out. However, on arrival, I learned from Martin, the fellow in charge of the building for the night, that the museum was available to us before the concert. Very cool! While Patrick finished setting up and the crowd gathered, I roamed though the old mansion and took the last two pictures of the first row. One shows a three key NCR salesman's demonstrator.

The backlit stage didn't help with non-flash photos but Patrick sounded great. He's been a busy boy so the new album isn't as far along as expected and the target is now January. When I told him I was looking forward to it, the response was "Yeah, me too!", in a tone that left no doubt that Patrick will be working hard to wrap it up.

The first picture of the last row was taken shortly after Patrick suggested everyone move closer to the stage. That's Jen & James with their feet propped on the stage. They're the folks who hosted the house concert in Loveland last February. I apologize for not getting a good picture of Rob, the host of this concert. The best I've got is this with Rob in the lower left corner. One of the things keeping Patrick busy recently was playing roadie traveling technician with Hot Tuna. In the last row's second picture he's telling of the tour's stop in Asbury Park, New Jersey. It does not involve Springsteen, Southside Johnny, or Bon Jovi. It does involve Speedos.

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