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Day 1
To Clear Springs

Day 2
On the Wagon

Day 3

Day 4
C&O, LH, NR. OK.

May 19, 2008
This day started on the National Road, near the C & O Canal, in Pennsylvania and ended on the National Road in Ohio. In between, I drove just a little Lincoln Highway..

May 18, 2008
The wagon train ended in the sun but had plenty of rain on the way. Just enough day remained for me to visit Antietam Nation Battlefield.

May 17, 2008
I can't post much from today but I do have a few photos and I can tell you I had a great time with some wonderful people.

May 16, 2008
There were a few dry periods but rain of some sort was the order of the day. I drove a bit of the National Road on the way to Clear Springs and even got a picture of the "beginning" marker in Cumberland.

I'm going "embedded" and I've been unsure how to deal with it here. Maybe "embedded" isn't exactly the right word but it's close (and sounds cool;-). What I'll be doing this weekend is tagging along with the National Pike Festival wagon train between Clear Springs and Boonsboro, Maryland, in order to gather material for a future American Road Magazine article. That's where the "embedded" part comes in and it's also where the dilemma comes in. Of course, the American Road connection is the only reason this horseless and wagonless Buckeye is even allowed on the train. Clearly it would be wrong to "pre-publish" the article and put everything on this website. On the other hand, I am taking a four day road trip and completely ignoring that here didn't seem right, either.

What I've decided to do is give "normal" coverage to the drive to and from and give minimal coverage to events at the festival. Since time constraints will keep the to and from being very leisurely, I expect the entire trip report to be somewhat minimal or, at least, smaller than what has been the norm. Remember this website promises nothing. You won't be disappointed.

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