Day 9: December 30, 2007
All the Way Home
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Morning check-out at the Burr Bed & Breakfast where Alex gives each guest a personal send off after a great morning meal. We had dinner with Alex's daughter, K.C., last night but the brain cells in charge of my camera must have been off duty - no photo. One of the luxuries absent at the Riverside Hotel is an internet connection so I was a little behind on this website. Besides providing a B and a B, Alex let me use his connection to play catch up.

My plans consisted of little more than heading north on US-51. I picked up a short stretch of Old US-51 at Brighton and another at Hemming. Neither is particularly scenic or full of landmarks but both were better than the divided four-lane that US-51 has become.

I had vague plans to maintain a more or less northern heading until I hit US-62 then log a few more miles of that highway. Near Union City, Tennessee, I turned northeast on the Purchase Parkway but didn't quite reach Sixty-Two. Near Benton, Kentucky, I swung south to work my way to US-68 and pass through Land Between the Lakes.

This area had an identity long before the TVA came along. The area between the Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers was appropriately called Land Between the Rivers and it was occupied by thousands of people and quite a few town. Moving those people and flooding those towns, even for the purpose of flood control, was understandably not welcomed by everyone. I don't know that all has been forgiven but the area certainly seems peaceful today. The first picture is of the bridge over Kentucky Lake and the last is of the bridge over Lake Barkley; Both facing east. In between I spotted a few feathered friends and stopped by the visitors center.

This is "The Place to Be" - Cadiz, Kentucky. The streets here are lined with at least a couple of dozen cleverly decorated concrete pigs and there's even one in front of city hall.

From Cadiz, I followed a series of state roads to Dawson Springs on US-62 then quickly moved to the Western Kentucky Parkway. When I got gas in Central City, I also got directions to the town's Everly Brothers monument. I knew from a friend that it was less than impressive and the clerk who gave me directions warned that "It's not as big as you think." I told her I had been warned and she said, "I didn't want you to be disillusioned." I imagine that serious fans who stop by without at least one warning (There's a sign on the Parkway.) could be severely disillusioned.

I stayed with US-62 from Central City to Beaver Dam then returned to the Parkway. I had really intended to spend two days getting home from Memphis but I found myself less than fours from home with an hour or so of daylight left. Of course all that four-lane had hurried me along and maybe I just wasn't very observant on my ninth day out. In any case, I found myself in reasonable range of home with no knowledge of something to keep me there overnight. I headed home for New Year's Eve.

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