Day 8: December 29, 2007
Old 61 to Memphis
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After leaving Clarksdale on US-61, we swung back toward Helena to pick up Old Highway 61 at Lula. It's a nice two-lane but the many little towns that it once passed through and which may still appear on maps, are gone. This memorial park is at the south edge of Tunica; About half way to Memphis.

At the north edge of Tunica is this nice and fairly new museum. Some of the many displays on area history are music related.

North of Tunica, Old Highway 61 is pleasant but not thrilling.

The big stop of the day was the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis. I think it's been on my to do list for my last two Memphis visits so this time I made it the only thing on the list. It's built on the site of the 1968 assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., and incorporates the room where he stayed and the balcony where he died. Across the street, a tunnel leads to a second museum section built around the place from where the fatal bullet is believed to have come. Both museum sections are quite powerful.

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