Day -1: June 1, 2005
A Work Day



Thoughts that things might be running smoothly within minutes of my arrival quickly vanished as did hope for a possible midday departure. In fact, things were not quite perfect at the end of the day so I'm spending another night in Raleigh. On the way back to the motel, I did manage a short side trip to photograph this muffler man on US-401 a little north of Raleigh. Although this is clearly a standard muffler man in a standard muffler man pose it seems he never actually held a muffler. According to this guy started life as the front man for Giant Decorator in Raleigh. Local laws prevent him from holding any sort of sign so his value to Bradsher Farms isn't what it could be. Even so, this is one muffler man who is clearly outstanding in his field.

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