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Day -2
Lottsa Interstate

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A Day at Work

Day 1
To the Coast in Rain

Day 2
Rain in 1774

Day 3
A Dry Day

Day 4
Blue Ridge & Blue Sky

Day 5
Ending at Lexington

June 6, 2005
I stayed with US-60 into downtown Lexington then grabbed I-75 for Cincinnati. I've now covered US-60 between its start in Virginia Beach and Vinita, OK.

June 5, 2005
Some entertaining section of US 60 plus a small piece of the incredible Blue Ridge Parkway. Two covered bridges - one humped, one hidden.

June 4, 2005
Jamestown & Yorktown. Revolutionary & Civil Wars. Hemis & 'Vettes.

June 3, 2005
Still little distance covered but I did do some time traveling. Most of the day was spent in 1774 in Colonial Williamsburg.

June 2, 2005
I started down US-60 from its beginning and got my first peek at grandson Noah. In rain all the way.

June 1, 2005
No travel today except for a short drive to grab a muffler man photo.

May 31, 2005
This was essentially a travel day just getting near the job site. That travel was almost entirely on interstate highways but they were some of the country's prettier interstate.

The idea for this outing came while planning a working trip to North Carolina. It would take me a little east of Raleigh to a point about three hours from Norfolk, VA. A three hour drive is not insignificant but this distance is greatly shortened by the fact that my brand-new, month-old, not yet seen grandson is in Norfolk. By stretching the trip just a little, I could get a peek at the new kid and probably find some decent two-lane to come home on.

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