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Returning east is not at all like the Lincoln Highway focused westbound drive. For starters, I won't be alone. I'll be just one of many Corvettes departing from San Jose and growing to several hundred by the time we reach the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky. It will also be faster and better organized. There are only five overnight stops with daily travel as high as 540 miles. A parade lap, museum visit, and BBQ is planned for Sunday evening at Miller Motorsports Park near Salt Lake City, Utah, and there will likely be other smaller events along the way.

The party at the museum actually starts on Wednesday though we won't be arriving until around noon on Thursday, September 3. Our over night stops and the mileage to reach them are listed below. More information about the northern California caravan can be found here.

  • Aug 29 250 miles Reno, Nevada
  • Aug 30 520 miles Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Aug 31 528 miles Denver, Colorado
  • Sep 1 540 miles Topeka, Kansas
  • Sep 2 480 miles Evansville, Indiana
After all that expressway driving and sleeping in chain motels, I'll return to form by spending my Kentucky nights at Wigwam Village #2 about thirty miles north of the museum on the old Dixie Highway.

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