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The caravan staging point was at Club Auto Sport in San Jose. This place seems to be some sort of combination museum and ultra-full service garage for members with maybe a little rent-a-car thrown in. August 29,1999
The picture was taken after I got home. August, 29, 1999 was a Sunday and I hung around the hotel wondering what Monday would bring. John had flown home in the morning just as originally planned. There seemed a good chance that I just might have to do the same. The car had been hauled to a dealer in Kingman where it awaited a Monday morning examination.

Breakfast was served to the rear of that beautiful gull wing in the previous panel. Crispian the vegetarian loaded up on pancakes and Crispian the environmentalist looked over a plug-in electric from SABA Motors. Its designer (a.k.a., the guy in the blue shirt) says it will compete with the Tesla.

Outside there was some music, lots of Corvettes, and a real surprise. In 2003 several Australian Corvette owners came to the US for the caravan. They traveled with the Southern California Caravan in rental cars and hitched an occasional ride in a Corvette including mine. Three of the blokes I met six years ago showed up today. That's Gary & Dave in the picture. Gary rode with me for the start of the 2003 caravan. I don't understand their reasons for switching from south to north any better than they understand mine.

Then there were a few speeches that were mostly thank-yous and the singing of the national anthem. That's NorCalCar Captain, Steve Cleveland, in the first picture. I didn't get the names of those in the second picture.

I was told that there were about fifty cars registered. That was a somewhat disappointing number but it was still enough to make a splash as we hit the road. It did get a little warm before we ended the day in Sparks, Nevada.

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