Day 6: June 21, 2012
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Today's schedule was light with no travel planned. I spent the morning at presentations at or near the hotel. My choices were Sarah Focke and Ronnie O'Brien's presentation on next year's Centennial Celebration in Kerney, Nebraska, Craig Sanders' presentation on Trains & Transportation, and Mike Buettner's on Ohio's National Road.

The afternoon was open and I used it to visit the National Ladies Library across the street. No photos are allowed in either the Research & Education Building or the associated Ida Saxton McKinley House. Many of the exhibits are best enjoyed by folks with a healthy appreciation for dinner ware and fashion. I enjoyed the house itself and its connections with history. William & Ida McKinley did live here for more than twenty years. There is a nice open area next to the house. I took a picture of the McKinley Grand Hotel from there then crossed the street and took the picture of the house.

The first picture is of Tuskaroras Avenue (a.k.a., Lincoln Highway) from the top floor of the Canton Club event center. That's where the LHA awards banquet was held. A family of peregrine falcons is nesting atop the building with a camera trained on their happy home. The camera is here. The trumpet playing angels are a prominent feature of the Stark County court house but seeing theme from above was a new experience for me.

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