Day 3: June 18, 2012
Cruising to the Conference
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At least the gas station at the IGA in Minerva knows what road it is on. Did it get my business? Yes it did.

I'm sure there are plenty of these around the country and, with the recent opening of Carsland at Disneyland, there may even be something of a surge. But we know where the real one is.

Just a couple of things that caught my eye in Niles, Ohio; A nicely restored Canfield Gasoline station that houses an interior and drapery shop and a sculpture at a local scrap metal company.

I was in Niles to connect with a tour. Our first stop was at William McKinley's birthplace. The actual house was separated, moved, and rejoined, before burning to the ground. The site was occupied by a couple of structures before the current replica of the McKinley home was built. The plaque identifying this as McKinley's birthplace is from a bank that once stood here. Although the house isn't authentic, it does contain many authentic artifacts. The huge poster was used at a rally during his reelection campaign and hung for many years at Bell's Opera House in Hillsboro, Ohio. The overhead lights and the reflective glass provide wonderful copy protection.

Then it was off to the National Packard Museum in Warren, Ohio. I've been here once before but was ready to go again and we did get a little special treatment today. Jim Tucker gave us an introduction and brief tour with some Lincoln Highway emphasis. A Lincoln Highway themed display contains some Lincoln Highway bricks from Canton and a 1916 Packard Twin Six used by Packard Motor Car Company President and Lincoln Highway Association organizer Henry Bourne Joy. I had noticed the Lincoln Highway emblem on the grill but not on the Moto-Meter. Paul Gilger pointed that out and also explained that Packards were often outfitted with such emblems at the factory.

There is almost always something on display in addition to the standard fleet of Packards and at the moment that is "Packards at Speed". This is to tie in with The Great Race which will be stopping at the museum on June 29. The #87 1953 Packard Clipper will escort the racers through Warren.

Following lunch, we stopped by Akron's Glendale Cemetery to visit the grave of Frank Seiberling. Seiberling was a president of the Lincoln Highway Association in addition to founding both Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company and Seiberling Rubber Company.

A spot overlooking the Goodyear blimp hangar was our last stop before heading onto Canton and the beginning of the 2012 Lincoln Highway Association National Conference.

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