Day 25: July 3, 2011
Wrapping It Up
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I lucked into a picture of Ron, Ethyl, and Laurel all together. Ethyl, of course, was already standing outside where she always does and, when a couple of traveling Texans coaxed Ron and Laurel outside for a picture, I snagged my own. As my drive home developed into a Route 66 fly-by, an Afton Station stop started looking like a possibility. I contacted Ron to see when Laurel was planning on being at the station and actually thought a surprise visit might be possible. But, even though this website was way behind, my Twitter account, which feeds my Facebook account, wasn't and Laurel figured out I would be there about the same time I knew for sure. So no surprise but a very nice visit anyway.

Another showroom has been added since I was last here and there is now room for some space between the cars. And there is also space for the newest resident. It's a 1917 Packard camper. Yes, it has turn signals and the cockpit looks plenty roomy. I bet this would turn some heads at the next Tin Can Tourists meeting.

In Miami, I managed a shot of the Coleman without cars in front of it then stopped at the Ku-Ku for lunch.

I sort of had St Louis in mind for my last overnight but the rain changed that. It was an off and on thing for awhile then looked like it might be staying around starting about 5:00. I hadn't yet stayed in the refurnished Wagon Wheel Motel in Cuba, Missouri, so gave them a call. They had rooms and I quickly decided that driving a couple more hours in the rain just wasn't necessary. Connie Echols purchased the motel in 2009 and has completely redone the Route 66 landmark; New beds, TVs, and just about everything else. Starting with just a few rooms, Connie has now completed the refurbishing phase of what she calls "a new era" for the 1934 motel. I stayed in unit #7. This is one of the smallest (and lowest priced) units. Others are larger and some even have decks which are perfect for spotting rabbits.

Missouri Hick BBQ is right next door and would be a trivial walk without the rain. I drove myself and my laptop across the parking lot. This was my first visit so I went for the sampler. I really liked the brisket and pulled pork but the ribs not so much. I think that's just because I don't care for St Louis style ribs. But I'll be back for the pulled pork shoulder.

In the morning, I talked with Connie for a bit as she made her rounds then I hit the road for home. Except for a stop at Ted Drewes for a concrete and at the Luna Cafe for a Stag, the drive was pretty much straight through expressway stuff. Now I'm thru.

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