Day 11: June 19, 2011
Not Very Lonely
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Here we go again.

The cop was right where I expected him to be. The speed limit drops from 70 to 55 to 45 to 35 to 25. This is Eureka. Austin does the same. In 2009 a fellow sitting, probably, in about the same spot, clocked me at 60 in the 45 MPH zone. I'd lifted near the 55 MPH sign but my speed wasn't decreasing rapidly enough to match the signs. At least one resident calls this a speed trap but I don't think so. My biggest argument is the warning I got instead of a fine. 25 MPH seems a reasonable limit for a downtown area where pedestrians are likely. Going from 70 directly to 25 would certainly be a problem. The steps they use also seem reasonable. The deputy sheriff? When nothing else requires his attention, sitting right where he does is probably a good way to serve and protect. If this was a revenue generating speed trap, my 2009 vacation would have almost certainly have cost me a few dollars more.

I stopped at DJ's for a nice lunch and a nice smile from Torri. Next I stopped at the Keyhole Bar where Paul fired up the singing deer then introduced me to the new automated singing sensation toward the back. I think he said it was singing Titties for Beer but I really couldn't hear it over the deer who made at least two passes through its repertoire which includes Rawhide, Suspicious Minds, On the Road Again, Sweet Home Alabama, and more. An incredibly musical place, that Keyhole.

ADDENDUM: June 22, 2011 - A friend has corroborated my Titties for Beer guess. She also theorizes that the red bra is an after market add-on. The unit she purchased as a gift came with two bras but neither was red. Yes, my friends do have good taste in gift giving.

In Austin I stopped at the International Hotel and drank a beer while discussing Genghis Khan and Alexander the Great with Vic the owner. The topic was prompted by a Genghis Khan special that Vic was watching on TV but it appears to me that history is a subject that Vic would be willing to discuss just about any time.

This is the stump of the 80 foot shoe tree that once stood beside US 50/Lincoln Highway near Middlegate, Nevada. If you knew about the tree then you probably know of its demise, at the hands of villains unknown, last December 30. I saw it once when it was standing. Most of the huge trunk has disappeared and only some smaller pieces remain along with the stump and an awful lot of shoes. Two nearby trees have been selected to receive shoes in its stead but they're considerably smaller and considerably harder to reach.

This was my first ever stop at Middlegate Station. They're known for their hamburgers and I agree they're mighty tasty. The only draft beer available is Miller High Life at $2 a glass.

Well, I screwed up again. When I stayed at the Overland Hotel the first time, in 2009, I intended to photograph the neon sign on the roof when it was lit then totally forgot about it until sunrise. This time, I saw it lit but decided to wait for it to get a little darker then totally forgot about it until it was turned off. Jan, the bartender, was quite willing to turn it back on but it's on a timer and she had no idea how to override it. But I decided to do some night shots anyway. Just imagine a glowing red "HOTEL" in the upper left corner.

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