Day 1: June 9, 2011
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Today was staging day. For awhile I thought of not even having one. Just get up extra early and drive to Uhrichsville in time to meet a friend for breakfast then drive across Ohio by day's end. Eventually, though, I decided that starting a cross country drive with a sleep deficit just wasn't prudent so I used this afternoon to get to a bed near tomorrow's starting point.

Most of the drive was on interstate, I-71 & I-70, which allowed me to ponder deep philosophical questions such as "Why are there Lincoln trucks?" I never really answered the question but, purely by observation, I think it may have something to do with slowing down left lane traffic. It's possible that the driver really was completely oblivious to the traffic around him but I'm thinking it could be a conspiracy.

At Old Washington, I exited on OH-285 which I followed to US-22. Nice looking country and, for the first half, nice traffic flow. Then, about ten miles from Cadiz, I came up behind a slow truck that was behind another slow truck that was behind this "OVERSIZE LOAD". Note the tractor on each end of the articulated trailer. I don't know what it was but it was definitely a load and it was definitely oversized. Its speed was about 20 MPH and semis coming the other way often had to stop and pull to the side as it passed. But that only lasted about five miles; Just till we reached the construction site. We all waited about five minutes then "Jumbo" and his entourage were flagged through. Another ten minutes and my group was allowed to proceed. Since the big rig was now well ahead of us, the two trucks, I, and the string of cars behind me were able to fly down the remaining two lane at speeds approaching 45 MPH.

Yes, the wide load and the paving crew added time to my trip but I really wasn't in a hurry and I rather enjoyed it. It is just part of summertime travel and it made me remember a time before expressways were everywhere. The lines were a lot longer then.

US-36 has waxed and waned over the years and when it was waxing the most (or waning the least) its eastern end was at this intersection in downtown Cadiz. The camera is looking northwest along Market Street which carried US-36 from 1932 to 1961.

There is a 1938 plaque in front of the court house proclaiming Cadiz "THE PROUDEST SMALL TOWN IN AMERICA". Even in a straight on view it's kind of hard to read. Two of the favorite sons and daughters listed on the plaque, George Custer and Clark Gable, are also linked by virtue of both their careers benefiting greatly from the Civil War.

Uhrichsville and Dennison are neighboring towns connected by 1st and 4th Streets. I'm sleeping in Uhrichsville. Dinner was at the consistently praised Dennison Yard. Killer lasagna.

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