Day 2: June 22, 2010
Conference Kick Off
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Since I'll be covering the same ground on a bus tour either Wednesday of Thursday, I did not stop much moving from Clinton, IA, to Dixon, IL. I couldn't resist this drive-in even though I had some vague idea it was involved in some cruise sort of thing during the conference. Apparently my vague idea was completely imaginary. I see nothing even close to a drive-in theater in the agenda. Glad I stopped when I did.

I pulled into Dixon, reunited Rollin with his medicine, and checked in at the conference registration desk. I must have been among the first as lots of badges remained. I'm attending the event under an alias. Don't tell anyone.

I hooked up with Don "Road Dog" Hatch and we drove to nearby Sterling. We were a little late for tours of the Dillon Home but we enjoyed the grounds.

My first involvement in a national LHA event was standing still for a group photo; professionally done from atop a ladder. Milling and mingling both preceded and followed the photo session. We then moved inside where Don and I parked at a middle of the room table. We were very pleased when author Brian Butko joined us and very very pleased when Esther & Bernie Queneau joined him. Bernie was one of the four Boy Scouts who traveled the Lincoln Highway in 1928 and Esther is a former LHA President. Definitely first class table mates. Dixon Mayor Jim Burke welcomed us to the town and Illinois LHA Director Kay Shelton welcomed us to the conference. Then, after the meal, Max and Donna Daniels entertained us with a well done An Evening with Mr and Mrs Lincoln. Things then moved upstairs to what was instantly a very crowded book room. Sorry I don't have a photo or two of that. All in all a very nice introduction to LHA national activities.

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