Day 1: June 19, 2017
Expressing Myself

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I wasn't able to leave Cincinnati when I originally thought so it will be expressway pretty much all the way to the conference. I-74 took me across the first state line.

I took time out for breakfast in Shelbyville. What would you eat at a place called Grandma's Pancake House? These are pecan. On the way back out of town I grabbed pictures of the 1916 Strand Theater and the 1929 statue of Brent Balser and a pair of bear cubs. Balser is the main character in The Bears of Blue River by Shelbyville resident Charles Major.

My breakfast stop meant I reached Indianapolis at just the right time to catch this accident triggered backup on the ramp leading to I-465. Time to get past the accident scene, about a mile down the road, was roughly 45 minutes.

After circling Indianapolis I returned to I-74 and crossed the second state line of the trip.

In my mind, TomTom has always been a small player in the GPS market and I was surprised to see this car presumedly mapping. Seems TomTom Maps is a much bigger deal than I thought.

State line number three. This one on I-80.

I've been to the World's Largest Truck Stop before but this time I also took in the truck museum associated with it. It's quite a collection of the big the old and the beautiful.

Joe Panther opened the Hamburger Inn in 1935 selling nickel hamburgers. In 1948 his brother Fritz bought another restaurant and the two joined forces with Hamburger Inn #1 and #2. At one point there was also a #3 but both it and #1 are gone and only Hamburger Inn #2 remains. The Panther family still owns and operates it. A sign on the side announces that an additional location is "Coming Soon!" I asked my waitress if the new restaurant would pick up where the brothers left off and be called Hamburger Inn #4 but she said no. In fact, there is hope of opening several so there could eventually be several #2s in the area. Go hunger. I managed only about 3/4 of my fries and salad but as for that mushroom & Swiss 'burger, there was no bite left behind.

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