Day 15: June 22, 2014
A Three State Day

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I spent the night in Logan, Utah, and grabbed pictures of a couple of eye catching buildings on the way out. The first is the Logan Tabernacle which was completed in 1891 after an 1864 start and a few delays. The second is the 1883 Cache County courthouse.

My drive-by photo in the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest really do not do the place justice. I did stop and get out of the car to get the picture of the stream. I may or may not have hiked several miles into the hills for the picture.

The "Perfect Place" heading on the sign refers the Bear Lake Valley's qualifications for growing currants and raspberries but it could also refer to the Bear Lake photo op. It looks like there are several opportunities to drive into the lake between the rest area & overlook and the town of Garden City but it never quite happens. Numerous signs in Garden City advertise "famous raspberry shakes" but only two such places were open on this late Sunday morning. I got my shake at Hometown Drive-In because I liked the name. I might be concerned about eating that if I didn't know it was filled with healthy fruit.

I'd picked up a brochure on the Paris Tabernacle at the Bear Lake overlook and intended to look it over if it was open. It was and it took no effort to learn that. I'd barely parked and pointed my camera at the building when Ron approached and offered to show me around. The tabernacle was constructed by hand of almost all local materials and completed in 1888. The long handmade square nails that secure the floor are the only ones in the building. Fasteners for the rest of the wood in the structure are pegs in drilled holes. The padded choir seats are not original nor is the organ. The two-manual pipe organ replaced the 1893 hand pumped organ in 1928. I don't know when the choristers' seats got softened.

The town is not, as I had assumed, named after Paris, France. It is named after a surveyor who agreed to do all the initial surveying of the town in exchange for having the town named after him. The government almost got it right. His name was Perris.

I apologize for this clump of common straight down the road pictures but this was my very first time in Idaho and I think it looks pretty good.

I spotted the arch long before I reached it. After I snapped the first picture, I parked the car so I could get a closer look. You might notice, in that first picture, that the sidewalks are missing. Even though almost all businesses were closed, the town of Afton, Wyoming, doesn't really roll up its sidewalks on Sunday as I first suspected. As the orange cones suggest, sidewalk replacement is in progress. I took the picture of the signs as I walked past on my way to the arch. The bar -- only -- was open so I stopped in on the way back. There was a good selection of liquor and canned and bottled beer plus a single tap serving Pabst Blue Ribbon. It worked perfectly for me.

I thought of spending the night in Afton but the one motel I checked was full so I moved on. In Thayne, I called three motels after doing drive-bys. All had vacancies. I picked Snider's Rustic Inn based on price and its cute well tended look. I believe a look at my room shows I made a good choice.

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