Day 10: June 17, 2014
One Last Loop

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This is Old Little America Road. It passes the site of the original Little America one-stop and it was also once the Lincoln Highway. In 2009 I drove a little bit of it in a Corvette but decided it was too rough. Last year, in the Valiant, it wasn't even considered. This year, my vehicle was much better suited.

I watched seven pronghorns cross the road in front of me though I only got six white tails in the frame as they hurried off. A few hundred yards beyond, a wary but unalarmed loner was watching me.

Stationary objects on the road include Church Buttes, at least one Lincoln Highway sign, and a rather muddy bridge.

Ogden, Utah, north of Salt Lake City, was on the 1913 Lincoln Highway but was gone by the time the 1915 guide was published. I had touched on it in 2009 just to see its best known landmark, Devil's Slide, but had never driven most of it. Today I drove the entire loop and spotted at least three Lincoln Highway signs. The Riverdale roundabout is where the loop turns south. It seems it never quite reaches the actual city of Ogden.

I made it to the motel in time to do some laundry before heading to the conference. I picked up my name tag and goodies at the registration desk and checked out the book room. There was plenty of conversation with old and new friends along with a catered meal and some announcements. Because tomorrow's bus tour will pull out at 7:00 AM sharp (as we were reminded a few times) things were kept short and everyone headed out to get to bed early.

The mist that was in the air when I left Little America turned to steady rain before I left Old Little America Road. It continued as I drove the loop, paused at the motel, and drove to the conference. It finally showed signs of stopping just before we sat down for dinner and there was a rainbow erupting from my wet car when it was time to leave. Tomorrow will be a better day.

ADDENDUM: July 1, 2014 - Only after I got home did I realize that, although I had taken pictures of my room at the Oquirrh Motor Inn, I hadn't posted them. Now I have. I definitely liked the place.

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