Day 16: July 4, 2013
Happy Independence Day

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One way to help catch up on the journaling is to do nothing. I treated this as a day off. Other than a bus tour that I had not signed up for, there were no conference activities during the day. There was a dinner and tour at the Classic Car Museum in the evening but I skipped that, too. Although it was rushed, I had gone through the museum during the staging stop on Sunday and today I was more interested in being lazy. Many conference attendees viewed or even participated in 4th of July parades in the area. I did laundry and changed the Valiant's spark plugs neither of which was photo worthy. In the late afternoon, I walked across the street to eat a calzone and play Buzztime Trivia at Old Chicago. As I headed back to the hotel, I realized that I had taken absolutely no photographs today so I snapped one to avoid this page being blank.

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