Day 10: June 28, 2013
A Beautiful Day in Iowa

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Here are some Illinois Lincoln Highway icons to start the day. There's the restored gas station in Rochelle, what is probably the most photographed Caddy on the Lincoln, the big arch in Dixon, and straight pavement bordered by corn.

De Immigrant sure looks good against the blue sky. The Windmill Cultural Center is right across the street. I've been in the Center once but there's lots to see with all the various models.

A quick bridge ride leads to Iowa and the countryside opens up just beyond Clinton.

Elvis was waiting for us in Mount Vernon. This was an "on your own" lunch stop and I took a short stroll before settling on the place I'd parked in front of, Chameleon's. The pork tenderloin was recommended and I was told they weren't all that big. That was obviously a lie.

Youngville Cafe was the first of three places I've visited but not been inside and which were open today. A farmer's market was going on outside while inside they were serving pie. I had raspberry.

In Belle Plaine, George Preston's granddaughter, Mary Helen Preston, had his old station open and both she and her husband were quite accommodating in answering questions and such. There had been a auction here and I was afraid the garage had been stripped but that wasn't so at all. The surroundings have been "cleaned up" but the sign covered garage is very much intact.

Iowa's byways, including the Lincoln Highway, are marked with some very nice signs which often appear on the same post as those for currently active US and state routes.

Another Lincoln Highway icon for which there always seems to be room for one more picture.

Reed/Niland Corner was the third place that I saw open for the first time. This was, in fact, our dinner stop. We were also treated to a visit by the 1948 Tucker which is being trailered but which will participate in the parade in Kearney.

Once upon a time, the Jefferson Highway, which will, itself, turn one-hundred in 2015, shared the roadway that passes Reed/Niland Corner.

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