Day 8: June 26, 2013
Into Indiana

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Where US-30 crosses I-75 in Ohio, the bridge is marked with Lincoln Highway emblems. An hour spent chasing electrical gremlins made us a little late getting here.

After picking up John on Friday, a fellow in a neighboring lane informed us that we had no brake lights. We stopped for gas a short time later and wiggled wires with no luck. Back at the hotel, wire wiggling was more successful and I thought the problem solved. We learned that was not the case yesterday and spent some time on it this morning. We acquired new bulbs and some test gear at a nearby parts store and John probed and measured with no breakthrough. We then headed to a shop (Rex Gilbert Auto Electric) recommended by the guys at the parts store. No real breakthrough there, either, but the lights did start working at some point. We left hoping that professional wire wiggling would last longer than the amateur kind.

Lunch was to be in a park in Van Wert, Ohio, but rain threatened and it was moved inside the basement of a church across the street. The new informative sign in the first picture was dedicated just this morning. Note the big welcome banner behind the relocated Lincoln Highway marker. One just like it greeted us at the edge of town.

A cousin of mine lives in Van Wert and a friend lives in between there and Fort Wayne, Indiana. That's me, Dale, Cousin Tammy, and her husband Gary by the car. Dale and I did the Indiana Lincoln Highway together in 2009.

At the Studebaker National Museum, preparations for dinner were underway when we arrived but we had time to look over the first floor exhibits. That under seventy-eight hour run was in 1927. We are considerably over that already. Just before dinner, Indiana LHA President Jeff Blair spoke to the group from the stairs. After dinner, we explored the rest of the museum. The gray car with padded door tops is a Packard Hawk. A 1963 Avanti would have been the ideal fifty year old car to drive on this trip but my finances were horribly off from the requirements.

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