Day 3: September 1, 2008
An Autoweek Pick
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My day started with breakfast in the hotel's Gun Room restuarant. Then I grabbed a couple of pictures in the lobby and a daytime exterior shot of the hotel. I already had some pre-sleep pictures of my room.

I again crossed the street to look over the river where boats have started gathering for next week's Sternwheel Festivsl. Actually, the arrivals started yesterday for what is Marietta's biggest event of the year. I've obviously been missing out and need to work this into my schedule.

The target for the day was one of Autoweek's "50 Best Driving Roads". My favorite car magazine is celebrating its first fifty years and has published an anniversary edition that includes the list. It is was also available on line. Right now, copies of the edition are available for three buck plus postage.

The Ohio road that Autoweek selected is OH-26 between Marietta and Woodsfield. That just happens to coincide with the Covered Bridge Scenic Byway that passes through the Wayne National Forest.

Today I found the Hune, Rinard, and Knowlton bridges. There's a closer view of the Knowlton bridge here.

The Autoweek selection ends in Woodsfield and the designated byway a bit earlier but, as the third picture shows, OH-26 continues to look good well beyond.

A few years ago, Car and Driver magazine did its own list of "Best Driving Roads in America". One of their selections was OH-78 which crosses OH-26 in Woodsfield. Unfortunately, I can no longer find that list on line.

OH-26 ends at OH-148 which I followed to OH-800. The busy Fairyland was a nice surprise and I celebrated the holiday with a chocolate shake.

My plan was to climb on I-70 and hurry home on expressways but it was too nice a day to do that. After a few necessary miles of I-70, I moved to US-40 at Old Washington and to US-22 at Zanesville. I found Mary's Saloon in Circleville open so celebrated again. Hard to beat a Labor Day weekend that starts with a motorcycle crashing through the "flaming gates of Hell" and ends with a long neck Bud at the Last Honky Tonk in Circleville.

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