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Tom's Ice Ceam Bowl, Zanesville, OH Tom's Ice Ceam Bowl, Zanesville, OH I started my trip with the familiar I-71 and I-70 combo then left the expressway just west of Zanesville. My last two visits to Zanesville had been on days when Tom's Ice Cream Bowl was closed and a stop there was high on my list. At one point I told myself that, since I had a lunch date, I would just buy some nuts. But that's just about as easy as stopping at Ted Drewe's for just a glass of water and I tested a bowl of the chocolate before leaving with my bag of fresh roasted nuts. Tom's neighbor appears to be in good health.

National Road Museum, Zanesville, OH National Road Museum, Zanesville, OH National Road Museum, Zanesville, OH I had an hour to spare before lunch and decided to spend it at the National Road and Zane Grey Museum just up the road. There were no big display changes since my last visit so I did a quick refresher tour then checked out the book selection in the gift shop. Instead of the pointing my camera at some of the nineteenth century segments of the road diorama as I usually do, I took a shot at something toward the other end. I'm experimenting with audio books and spent much of today's expressway time listening to an automated text-to-speech version of Zane Grey's "Heritage of the Desert". That's not exactly how I pictured it but it's close enough.

The biggest change at the museum is its new director. Allan King retired this year after running the place for about fifteen years and Mary Ellen Weingartner is now at the helm. I did meet her but got no picture.

Denny's Diner, Zanesville, OH Denny's Diner, Zanesville, OH It was just a few miles back to Denny's Diner where I met Mike Austing. I know Mike through road related e-groups but this is the first we've met. Mike spends his time driving just about every back road in eastern Ohio and occasionally looking at wrecked cars. He calls it a job.

John Glenn Home, New Concord, OH John Glenn Home, New Concord, OH John Glenn Home, New Concord, OH John Glenn Home, New Concord, OH John Glenn Home, New Concord, OH This is also the first time I've found the John Glenn Museum in New Concord open. It is the house that John grew up in although it's not at its original location. There is a good (and recent) introductory movie then visitors are greeted by someone who lived in the house. Today it was John's mother. As she showed us through the, she talked of current events and how the family, town, and nation were affected by them. "Current" meant August 31, 1944. On other days it might be John's dad or sister or one of the Glenn's boarders ($7.50/week) or a neighbor boy who opens the door. If the others are anywhere near as good as "mom", it would be time well spent.

I-70 & US-40 near Morristown, OH Another e-grouper mentioned once driving US-40 through Ohio and seeing the road disappear beneath the new interstate. I took this over-the-shoulder shot partly for him. There is a small pond behind those trees and, today, the dead end section provides a convenient parking area for fishermen.

Suspension Bridge, Wheeling, WV You have to slip off of US-40 to enter Wheeling the "right" way. The work load is being watched ("50 FOOT SPACE STRICTLY ENFORCED") on the old suspension bridge but it's still doing a fine job and looks marvelous.

Ye Olde Alpha, Wheeling, WV Ye Olde Alpha, Wheeling, WV I briefly poked around downtown Wheeling but headed up the hill for lodging and sustenance. After checking into the Grove Terrace Motel, it was off to "Ye Olde (since 1932) Alpha" for dinner. This place was packed but I found a seat and a very good meal at the bar.

Grove Terrace Motel, Wheeling, WV The Grove Terrace Motel is another "oldie but goodie". It sits about a half mile east of the West Virginia Madonna of the Trail and has since 1965. Cash only and no phones but quite clean with a very friendly owner.

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