Day 8: May 3, 2016
Blue Sky, Castle, and Chicken

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There was a sign not far from the motel pointing to a scenic overlook and I thought I'd check it out before visiting downtown. Turns out the scenic part was not so much in the valley below but in the castle perched in the clouds on the other side.

The overlook was some distance from US-62 so, rather than retracing my path as I had planned, I continued on the same street until it emerged in the center of the city. I made no stops today but just slowly cruised through the narrow winding streets and eventually found my way to that castle in the clouds which is in fact the Crescent Hotel.

Roads don't have to twist and turn to be inviting.

I've heard plenty of talk about Branson, Missouri, but I'd never been there. When I saw a sign indicating it was about thirty miles away, I decided that now was the time. Despite the road there being divided four-lane and largely straight, the drive there was not unpleasant. The clouds probably helped.

I didn't stop in Branson but did a lot of shooting as I did a two way drive through. I won't attempt to identify any of the subjects but will say that there are plenty more. While I doubt I would enjoy a lengthy stay here, I can see how it could be fun for a day or two.

This bridge over the White River at Cotter is said to be the only March Arch bridge in Arkansas. There are five through arches plus a pony arch on the east end.

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