Day 7: May 2, 2016
Starting Homeward

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My plans call for taking US-62 most of the way home. I took US-64 south from Tulsa to where it and Sixty-Two hook up and head east.

I've driven all of US-62 once and some bits of today's route even more. That means things that might otherwise get photographed and posted don't. When I left home, I sort of planned on stopping at Monte Ne on the way back. By the time I was in the neighborhood, I'd more or less decided not to. Monte Ne is a late nineteenth and early twentieth century resort development near present day Rogers, Arkansas. Its history is tightly entwined with Ozark Trails system of roads. There is almost nothing left and I doubted anything had changed since my 2009 visit. Why spend time seeking it out? But I got stopped by a light at the south edge of Rogers that had a sign with an arrow and the words Monte Ne. Instant change of plans.

Now that I knew what to look for, I was able to spot the Oklahoma Row tower as I drove AR-94 beside Beaver Lake and I was even able to snap a picture. On reaching the tower, I was surprised to see that something actually had changed. The tower was now surrounded by tall chain-link fence. Portions of the fence are more easily seen in the third picture which was taken with the camera poked through the chained gate. That blue sign is also new since 2009. It serves notice that this is now a National Historic Site.

I returned to US-62 and continued to Eureka Springs. It's probably pretty obvious why I like this road.

My home for the night was right on US-62 and so was dinner. I picked The Lodge based on what turned out to be some well deserved TripAdvisor reviews. Of course you can see my room.

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