Day 2: April 27, 2016
More Bridges

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I was just leaving Paducah when I saw a bolt of lightening in the western sky. I took that as my cue to turn back and make the city my home for the night. Rain did hit an hour or so later then continued off an on throughout the night accompanied by thunder and lightening. I took this picture about 8:30 in the morning just minutes after the rain had stopped.

Near Cairo, Illinois, a pair of bridges reach from Kentucky to Missouri by touching a bit of Illinois lying between the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. Both bridges are briefly visible from US-60 as it approaches the northern entrance. The first photo tries to capture that glimpse. Then it's onto the 1937 Ohio River Bridge quickly followed by the 1929 Mississippi River Bridge. In between is a cockeyed glimpse of the latter from the former. The Mississippi bridge closed in March 2015 for what was to be a year of repair work. It reopened five months early in October. Flooding of approaches closed the Ohio bridge was for several days in January.

Inside Missouri, it doesn't take US-60 long to become a four-lane divided highway which it remains across the state. It is a pretty drive but the road seems more like a major interstate than a US highway in many ways. There's a vending machine graveyard in the middle and more divided four-lane beyond.

I left US-60 in Springfield, Missouri, and drove a few miles north to the historic Rail Haven Motel. After parking at my room I walked around a bit taking pictures of a couple of retired signs plus a new replica of a long gone sign that was erected last August.

Back in the room, I discovered that Mother's Brewing was nearby and that this was one of the four evenings per week that the taproom was open. On arrival I discovered that this was also the evening that some sort of "beer dinner" was taking place which nullified the open taproom status.

Scanning for nearby restaurants, I recognized the name Bambino's and headed there for some very good portobello ravioli. It turns out that the reason I recognized the name was that fellow travelers Sharon and Mike Curtis had recently posted about having dinner here as they work their way to the JHA conference. By the way, the beverage in the glass is Three Blind Mice from the brewery I didn't get into.

Back at the motel I did another walkabout and had to get out of the way so that Russell Rein (note BLUEHWY license) and Terry Silver, also on the way to the conference, could check in. I took one more camera toting walkabout after sundown.

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