Day 1: April 26, 2015
Different Route, Familiar Places

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My original idea for travel to the conference was to leave home on Thursday or Friday and pass through Memphis on a leisurely drive. Then things came up that delayed my departure. When it looked like I might not be able to leave until Monday or maybe even Tuesday, I switched to a more direct route. I managed to leave on Sunday which still meant a fairly direct route but not the hurried dash that I thought might be required.

My semi-direct route involved Saint Louis and, taking the Beach Boy's advice, I opted to "get there fast then take it slow". Getting there fast means expressway through either Indianapolis or Louisville. I've traveled the Indianapolis quite a bit, partially because it is theoretically a few minutes quicker but also because of planned stops along the way. With no intermediate stops planned and plenty of spare minutes, Louisville here I come. And there I go.

I enjoyed a brief stay in Corydon, Indiana, last spring and, when I saw that it was just a couple of miles off of the expressway, decided to take a break. This was Indiana's first capital. As a nearby sign explains, the original capitol was built on an ancient river bed and has drainage issues. It is currently fenced off while a long term fix is applied. Malts are a Butt Drugs speciality that I'd missed out on last year and I thought I might correct that today. Sadly they were closed but Point Blank Brewing Company, which I'd also visited last year, was just opening so I made do with a different kind of malt. In case you've missed the wonderful Butt Drugs commercial or would just like to see it again (Who wouldn't?), here 'tis.

At some point it occurred to me that this might be the first time I've driven I-64 between Louisville and Saint Louis. I can only recall being on the road one other time and on that trip I was a passenger. It goes through some pretty country. The two sets of lanes are often widely separated and non-parallel. There are even places where pretending you are on a quiet two-lane is possible.

As I neared Saint Louis, I slipped into something of a Route 66 state of mind and made a ten mile jump north to make a stop at the Luna Cafe for one beer. It was, of course, a Stag.

I didn't actually follow Route 66 through the city but I did stay in that frame of mind and landed at an independent motel on the route just west of the city limits. I had stayed at the Wayside Motel once before and I was given my old room so we can compare 2011 with 2015.

Ted Drewes is only a couple of miles from the Wayside which made stopping there soon after checking in convenient and allowed me to get in my custard fix before ruining my appetite with dinner.

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