Rating Motels

I sometimes rate rooms based on my perception of what some roadie friends from Indianapolis might do. Pat, the guy half, seems to have about the same requirements that I do. In other words, not much. A 'P' rating means Pat would stay there if traveling alone. Jennifer, the gal half, is very appreciative of mom & pop businesses and is pretty tolerant but probably wouldn't put up with some of the stuff (thin towels, burned out light, some dust on the sills) that Pat and I might when alone. A 'PJ' is a place they would stay when traveling together. In addition to being a bit more picky than Pat, Jennifer (and gals in general) want to feel safe when they check into a motel alone. A 'J' rating means Jennifer would have no qualms about staying there by herself. Though I haven't identified any yet, I know there are some "not even if it's free" rooms out there. I'll rate those 'NF' is I find any.

From worst to best, the categories are: