Day 2: July 19, 2015
Man v. Food

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It was easy to see that Sunday was going to be another good day to play with cars. Just before we roll out on another fun tour, Kathy Collings and Indy club president Tom Lewis conduct a brief drivers meeting.

Twenty Miatas of a variety of vintages and colors look pretty good heading into downtown Indianapolis. Red lights, minor congestion, and other city attributes led to the occasional shuffling but well placed and attentive Indy club members kept things flowing for a good look at their hometown.

Lunch was at Dawson's On Main near Indianapolis Motor Speed way. The track's scoring tower and some grandstands are visible behind the cars.

Lunch marked the end of official Cincy-Indy-Windy activities but the Cincinnati group made one more stop at the Speedway's Hall of Fame Museum. Racing, of course, is the primary focus and there are plenty of purpose built race cars on display. There are also some street cars with racing -- and Indiana -- connections. Among them are a 1911 Cole 30 and a 1926 Apperson. The Cole Motor Car Company called Indianapolis home while the Apperson Automobile Company operated in Kokomo. I'd like to believe that the world would be a better place if more cars had bunnies (OK, jackrabbits) on their hoods.

I also visited the museum in 2012 and have some pictures and memories here.

Cars were running on the track today but our first guess, pre-Brickyard 400 testing, was wrong. These cars are part of the Richard Petty Driving Experience.

At last we come to the reason for today's title. When I realized I would be in Indianapolis with free time, I contacted some road fan friends to see if a get together was possible. It was and the local experts picked Bub's Burgers and Ice Cream as the spot. I had hoped for maybe three or four but was delighted to be part of a group of nine. And there was another delightful surprise, too. Of course a place with "Burgers" in their name must make great hamburgers and Bub's certainly does. They also make great big 'burgers. The "Big Ugly" is a one pounder the eating of which will get your picture on the wall. That's one pound after cooking what starts off as twenty-two ounces of ground chuck. The surprise was that Pat Bremer was going to tackle one. He cut the monster into four pieces and downed three of them without a pause. However, part way through the fourth quarter, Pat begin to noticeably slow. The last few bites went down with far less pleasure than the first few but they did go down and friends and family (especially a brother) can now see Pat's photo on the wall of the Zionsville Bub's.
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