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Day 1
Springs in the Fall

Day 2
Then There Was One

November 4, 2007
The four car caravan of yesterday started today as three, then two, and crossed into Kentucky at one quarter strength. There was more scenic two-lane and a pleasant surprise in Santa Claus. The other caravaners missed out on some good eating and listening.

November 3, 2007
As promised, this was a day of cool roads. Trees were colorful but there was still a surprising and disappointing amount of green. A great tour of West Baden Springs Hotel filled out the day.

This is another drive born of the American Road Magazine Forum. There have been other discussions about a visit to the recently reopened West Baden Springs Hotel in southern Indiana but this time, when moderator Pat Bremer tossed out the idea of an autumn drive there, he got some takers. Various scheduling conflicts moved the date from mid-October to early November but the changing of the leaves has also been delyed so it looks to be fairly colorful after all. So, on November's first weekend, some folks will gather in Indianapolis to drive in cool temperatures on some cool roads lined by cool trees to visit a cool hotel. We're not rich enough to stay there (Although that would be cool.) but we think we can afford the tour.

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