Day 19: April 10, 2017
Goodbye HI

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Both the restaurant attached to my motel, Splashers, and one next to it, Paradise, overlook Kailua Bay. Either would seem to be a great spot for my final Hawaiian breakfast. Thinking that Paradise might be a slightly better choice for photos, I ate at Splashers yesterday and saved Paradise for today. To make sure I could finish packing and get to the airport on time I planned to eat breakfast as early as possible. I was actually in front of my chosen a couple of minutes before the posted 7:00 opening. About a quarter after, with the doors still closed and chairs visible atop tables, I called. There had been a major catastrophe, I learned, and it was uncertain when they would open. No problem, I thought, and headed to Splashers for a repeat. There the dining room was all ready but they had no gas and could only offer coffee and toast until 8:00. I don't believe the two problems were connected but I don't know that for certain. In any case, I headed up the street looking for the first place serving breakfast.

The winner was Fish Hopper, the site of yesterday's Zombie consumption. There was no mermaid out front this morning but I did see a fellow walking shoulder to shoulder with his dachshund. The background was decent and the meal was excellent. It looks pretty good in the full table photo but looks even better here.

I have to say that the entrance to the Kona airport isn't a scene that makes you want to leave. I arrived in plenty of time but rather than wasting time in an isolated air conditioned waiting area, I was able to sit outside, watch my plane arrive, then walk to it.

By contrast, this picture shows just one of a string of moving sidewalks I used to get from one terminal to another in Chicago. The non-moving part of the walk exceeded the moving part. My other stop, Los Angeles, was quite bland but the walk between gates was shorter.

I arrived safely in Dayton and eventually so did my luggage. My ride was waiting. Looks like this vacation is over.

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