Day 11: October 4, 2015
Rainless in PA

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I got lucky again and found a nice motel at the right time in the right place. This time it was the Skyline Motel near Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania. It wasn't quite dark when I pulled in but it would be soon. Here's how it looked when I left for dinner and here is what it looked like inside.

A couple of overlooks near Wyalusing, Pennsylvania, provide some great views and a little history.

Whoa! This is the sort of place that could get me rear-ended someday as I hit the brakes and look for a place to turn around. The Red Rose Diner is a 1927 Tierney that Gordon Tindall lovingly restored and moved to Towanda, Pennsylvania, in 2003. Elizabeth, who just might be the world's happiest and friendliest cook, introduced me to current owner Joe who introduced me to his friend Barbara. Joe, who is mighty happy and friendly himself, took my picture, first with his camera then with mine. Note that the Red Rose is very aware and proud of its place on US-6. The last picture is an attempt to compare the only remaining stained glass window with one of the reproductions. The original is on the left.

There isn't a lot of color in the trees yet but there is an occasional little splash and the dry skies make it all look so much better.

In 2004, I drove US-6 west from Mansfield. I ate breakfast at the Wellboro Diner on that trip so didn't feel too guilty in just snapping exterior shots today.

Of course, I had to visit PA Canyon. I took a different route to "The Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania" than I had in 2004 and reached the southern overlook and got a different view. A pair of large birds that I didn't identify were cruising the sky near the upper end of the overlook. I'd inexplicably left my longer lens in the car but tried my best with the short one. At last I walked to the car for the other lens only to watch both birds soar out of sight before I could get off a single shot. I waited several minutes before deciding that they really were avoiding me and heading back to Wellsboro.

There were a lot more people in town than when I left. Members of an anti-abortion group now filled several blocks of Main Street's median.

Anyone from my home town who sees the sign in that first picture will certainly do a double-take. That town is named Ansonia and it's nowhere near anything that could be considered a canyon of any sort let alone a "grand" one. That sign is actually on PA-660, the road I took to the southern overlook. Ansonia, Pennsylvania, sits on US-6 and that's how I reached it today and in 2004. On that earlier visit, Twin Pine Tavern occupied the big building and Ansonia Gulf was very much in business. I bought a drink there. Twin Pine Tavern is now the Burning Barrel. The gas station has been closed for several years. I learned that from a fellow in the Burning Barrel when I went in for a beer. He remembered Twin Pine Tavern but the pines were cut down when he was a kid. He and his friends called it "Twin Stumps"

I only made one stop as I drove the pleasant scenery between Ansonia and Kane. My 2004 trip was on Memorial Day. It was an extra special Memorial Day because the World War II Memorial in Washington had just been completed and was being dedicated. I was very fortunate to be at the McKean County courthouse during a ceremony partially synchronized with the one in DC. All WWII veterans in attendance were recognized. It was one of the most memorable road trip experiences I've ever had.

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